Our deep connection with horses extends to valuing and respecting the lives of all animals. We cherish our animal companions and know how they contribute to and fill our lives.



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Caring For Animals

At View Halloo, a portion of proceeds goes toward caring for animals in need and funding their veterinary care. Read on to see how the products you buy support our animal friends and learn more about the individual animals we have assisted.






Meet Henry-- our Director of Customer Satisfaction. Henry was previously homeless and appears to have been beaten with a blunt object causing injuries to his head and pelvis before ending up in a kill shelter in rural Tennessee. This abuse resulted in partial blindness and too many fractures to count.  He was thankfully bailed out and sent to a Wisconsin shelter, successfully adopted and will live out his days as a beloved horse show dog.

A portion of each View Halloo sale will be donated to the veterinary care of a shelter pet, to help facilitate their recovery and successful adoption.



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Cassidy is a registered thoroughbred that never successfully raced, changed hands several times and ended up for sale at auction.  He was rescued from a kill buyer and rehomed thanks to the efforts of Canter USA.  Unfortunately he could not be used as a riding horse due to neurologic issues found to be related to a starting gate injury and resulting head trauma.  Cassidy lives out his days as a very fancy glorified lawnmower at Gentry Creek retirement farm in Tennessee.  




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