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Since launching in November 2017, the View Halloo Equestrian Journal has made its way into the hands of professionals, amateurs and juniors alike, spanning disciplines and benefiting riders here in the US and around the world. Our friend Taylor Bodson, who runs the East Coast Equestrian (a successful, informative and hilarious equestrian blog,) recently said after purchasing her horse, Donny, “I quickly realized I needed a place to keep track of the number of things that went hand in hand with owning a rather large, living breathing animal. Registration and membership numbers, division points, insurance policy IDs and vaccination history… the list can go on and on. I have a sad, white binder where I keep most of this information, and when I need something I usually spend a minute or five flipping through to find it. There had to be a better way to keep track of EVERYTHING equine-related.”

Enter the View Halloo Equestrian Journal.

Imagine that your “sad, white binder” got a serious makeover and is now dressed in beautiful leather, graced with stunning imagery and will help you stay meticulously organized when it comes to your horses.

Without further ado, we’d like to give you a glimpse into the journal. A peek inside the pages. A suggestion (or three) for how you might implement the journal into your daily routine at the barn.


Remember that bit you bought at the last horse show? … some kind of straight bar, or maybe it was a d-ring? Or what about that fly sheet you bought last summer? Where in the world did that thing go? Or the polos you bought last week (how did those disappear already!?) The Equipment Log is meant to keep the items you spend (pretty much) all of your hard-earned money on organized and to help alleviate the short term-memory loss associated with owning 15+ blankets.



So, about that lesson last week ... it was SO awesome and you learned SO much and you can’t wait to implement all of those juicy goods into your daily rides. But what was (insert fabulous, knowledgeable trainer’s name here) saying about an opening inside rein? And why did shoulder in feel so effortless when he/she was walking you through it step by step like a fledgling baby bird? Gone are the days of trying to rack your brain for the nuggets of wisdom garnered from last week’s/last month’s 8am lesson (let’s be honest, you hadn’t even had a full cup of coffee yet, so how were you really expected to remember anything?) The Training Record section is meant to help you keep track of your daily rides, lessons and overall progress in the saddle.



There’s the Kentucky Horse Park for 2 weeks in June, then Traverse City for 2 (wait, maybe 3?) weeks in July, then Lamplight in August for two days because you’re trying to balance a family friend’s wedding that same weekend (the nerve!) and then back to Kentucky later that month. Is your head spinning yet?! The Master Show Calendar offers a space to keep your horse show schedule on the straight and narrow.

How are you keeping track? How are you measuring progress? How are you staying organized? In our humble opinion we think it’s high time you toss that sad, white binder into the dumpster behind the barn and take the leap into dreaming big, riding forward and taking notes with View Halloo.

Jen Costa